One Hundred Fund Honoree

Each year Massachusetts General Hospital honors One Hundred special people that have demonstrated extraordinary devotion in the fight against cancer.  This year we are pleased to announce that Mark Niziak has been names a One Hundred Fund honoree.  It couldn't come at a more significant time as this is the Foundation's 25th anniversary!  

Mark started the Marcus Niziak Childhood Brain Tumor Fund over 25 years ago to fight pediatric brain tumors of the sort that took Mark’s young son, Marcus, from his family.  The Foundation has raised over a half million dollars and has devoted the funds to create a germ free room at Tufts and, most recently, to the Fund for Families at MGH.  The Fund for Families is used to assist the loved ones of children that are being treated at MGH with expenses such as parking, meals, etc. as they stay with their children for the weeks of chemotherapy and proton beam radiation.  Children from ages 13 months to 13 years benefit from this fund.

Mark has inspired everyone around him to work hard for the eradication of childhood brain cancer.  This year is his annual golf tournament's 25th year. Many, many golfers have attended all 24 tournaments.  They do so for the comradery and fun, and because they believe in the cause.  

As Mark has said at all of the events: “I miss Marcus every day and I will keep running this fundraiser until they cure this disease.”