Overview on the Marcus J. Niziak (Marcus) Fund for Families

The Marcus Fund for Families provides vital support to pediatric neurology patients and their families at Massachusetts General Hospital. 

This funding provided by the Niziak family is making a meaningful difference in the lives of these children and families, providing access to funds to subsidize meals, parking and other associated costs.

Many of these patients receive care over a prolonged period, placing a considerable financial burden on their families. Time away from home, other children, leave from work and the stress of illness weigh heavily on these families. The Marcus Fund for Families allows us to alleviate some of the small financial stressors that come with hospital stays. Several of our families share with us that not having to worry about small expenses that add up, such as parking, meals and other incidentals, helps make their stay more comfortable and has a huge impact during an otherwise difficult time.

We have also had instances where the Marcus Fund for Families has allowed us to significantly impact our patients day-to-day lives by supporting custom communication solutions, accessibility modifications at home or educational solutions to ease their return to school.

Having funds available to help our neediest families in this way is truly a blessing.