Marcus J. Niziak (Marcus) Fund for Families Overview

Overview on the Marcus J. Niziak (Marcus) Fund for Families

Since 2012, the Marcus Fund for Families has continued to provide vital support to pediatric neurology patients and their families who seek care at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The top priority of our Pediatric Neurology Faculty is ensuring that each patient who comes to Mass General receives the best possible care, and the Marcus Foundation allows us to help relieve the financial burden that families face when receiving treatment. Several of our families share with us that not having to worry about additional expenses associated with their visit has a huge positive impact during an otherwise difficult time. For those who received funding, it was often used to pay for parking during their six weeks of radiation treatment and meal tickets for patients and their families during inpatient and outpatient appointments. Additional flexible spending for the department also helps to support some patients outside the Mass General perimeter; assisting patients with accessibility at home or at school and with solutions that may ease their daily routine.

“The families who are helped are so grateful to support from The Marcus Foundation during their trying times. I think of what a darling boy Marcus was when I met him in the ED the first afternoon when I help these families during their ordeals. My sincerest thanks to the generosity of the Niziaks.” – Dr. Elizabeth Dooling